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Special Collections


We are pleased you are visiting the Eastern Oklahoma County Regional History Collection. Our history professors consider that an important part of their professional mission is to preserve the rich tradition of our area. We have begun the process of moving the Collection from to this site.

Mission Statement

The Eastern Oklahoma County Regional History Collection is established to preserve the unique history of the communities of Eastern Oklahoma County, including Tinker Air Force Base, and to promote the understanding of the importance of the region to the State of Oklahoma, the southwestern region of states, and the United States.


  • To collect and make available an archive for artifacts, oral histories, and printed historical records of Eastern Oklahoma County.
  • To allow students the opportunity to gather, to preserve, and to study firsthand the history of the region.
  • To provide ready access to resources for scholars interested in researching the history of the region.
  • To involve citizens in the active development and utilization of the Collection.
  • To disseminate the history of the region through an extensive and regularly updated Internet site.