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Special Collections


The Rose State College Library's Special Collections are closed while we move and shift the collection. Please contact the library for any questions or requests. Thank you. 

The Library maintains an archive of the College official and historic documents in Special Collections. The cataloged artifacts are located in the south high density shelves outside Technical Services. The Special Collections viewing room is located in LRC 115. Please ask a librarian at the Ask Here Desk if you need assistance with Special Collections.

Special Collections Inventory 

The following link connects to an excel spreadsheet with the most recently updated information on the items in the collection. It is not comprehensive of every item as the collection is continually being reviewed, researched, and described. For help finding a particular item, contact a Rose State College Librarian. 


To establish a collection of materials that includes publications by and about Rose State College faculty and staff, official documents and historical materials on the college, important biographical materials on Rose State people, and other materials appropriate to the collection; to establish procedures for acquiring materials; to catalog, preserve and provide in-house access to the materials for research purposes for the Rose State Learning Resources Center clientele; and to create and maintain an index to the 15th Street News, and other indexes as needed.

Circulation & Access Policies

  • Special collections materials do not circulate outside the Library and are to be used only in LRC 115. Please ask a librarian for access to LRC 115 and for retrieving materials from the shelves. Special Collections materials may not be circulated through Interlibrary Loan.
  • A valid Rose State College photo ID or other current photo ID must be shown to use the Rose State Special Collections materials. Readers will sign the Special Collections register and leave their photo IDs with the librarian.
  • Readers may not take coats, backpacks, book bags, large handbags, parcels and other personal property into LRC 115. Such items may be placed in a designated area in the Library.
  • Only pencil, paper or computers may be used for note taking with Special Collections materials; no pens may be used. No cameras or scanners may be used.
  • Limited photocopying may be possible. Due to preservation concerns, some materials may not be photocopied. All photocopying will be done by library staff.
  • No food, drinks, chewing gum, or tobacco products are allowed in LRC 115.

Rules for Using Special Collections Materials

  • Please exercise care in handling fragile and brittle items.
  • Do not mark your place in a book by placing it face down on a surface.
  • Do not use pencils, notebooks, or other books to mark your place in a book.
  • Never write, underline, or make marks on any Special Collections items. Do not write on paper placed on top of books (whether open or closed) or other materials.
  • Please do not re-shelve materials. Leave them on the study desks.
  • Capacity is limited to two patrons at a time. No children are allowed into LRC 115.
  • Access time may be limited when patrons are waiting.

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Location: 1st floor, LRC

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