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Special Collections

Oral History

Atwood, Jay Dean 

Born: June 26, 1933, Kembro, Kansas
Interviewed: April 6, 2003
Interviewer: Jayme Marie Alato
Topic: Korean War

Bellmon, Henry  (1982)

An interview with former U.S. Senator Henry Bellmon in which he discusses his term as governor of Oklahoma and some controversial issues when he was Senator, such as his support of the Panama Canal treaty and the proposed Equal Rights Amendment.  He also describes some current problems facing Oklahoma, such as natural pollution of the river system and the difficult situation of many farmers.

1 videocassette (20 min.)
(Location: Learning Resources Center/Library, Audiovisual Services)

Bohannon, Jerry Reese

Born: Berkeley, California
Interviewed: December 14, 2003
Interviewer: Jan Campbell 
Topic: Vietnam War

Burns, Hershal

Born: November 11, 1932; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Interviewed: 2004
Interviewer: Takelia Troupe
Topic: Korean War

Candid Campus: Profiles in Higher Education (1977)

The moderator of this television series, Eva Knight, discusses planning for rapid growth with the president of Oscar Rose Junior College, Dr. Joe Leone.

1 videocassette (30 min.)
(Location: Learning Resources Center/Library, Audiovisual Services)

Capps, Linda 

Born: June 18, 1945
Interviewed: ?
Interviewer: Stacy Elliott
Topic: Vice-Chairman of the Pottawatomie Tribe

Cole, Joe       

Interviewed: August 4, 2007
Interviewer: Carolyn Cuskey
Topic: Atkinson Pony Farm History

Craddock, Hazel 

Born: July 26, 1916; Midwest City, Oklahoma
Interviewed: April 7, 2004
Interviewer: Dr. James Hochtritt
Topic:  History of Midwest City Area

DeBoard, Jesse 

Born: 192?
Interviewed: October 15, 2001
Interviewer: Jamie Dwiggins
Topic: World War II

Dr. Hobbs' Address at OACJC (1991)

Dr. Dan Hobbs discusses the development of two-year colleges in the United States and the history of Oklahoma Association of Community and Junior Colleges.   Taped at the spring 1991 meeting of the OACJC.

1 videocassette (VHS)
(Location: Learning Resources Center/Library, Audiovisual Services)

Earl, John Paul

Born: January 13, 1935; Idabel, Oklahoma
Interviewed: November 7, 2003
Interviewer: Jacque Rankin
Topic: Korean War

England, Gary 

Born: 1940s, Seiling, Oklahoma
Interviewed: March 28, 2003
Interviewer: Michelle Barnett
Topic: Gary England’s Life and Interests in Meteorology and Oklahoma

Frison, Rosie

Born: January 12, 1923; Louisiana
Interviewed: May 15, 2002
Interviewer: Rocinda Dangerfield
Topic: Oklahoma Life During the Jim Crow Era

Gardner, Fred Jr. 

Born: July 4, 1925
Interviewed:  ?
Interviewer:  ?
Topic: First Mayor of Summit, Oklahoma

Gilbert, Charley James

Born: October 12, 1940; Wewoka, Oklahoma
Interviewed: April 14, 2004
Interviewer: Kelly Von Gretchen Gilbert
Topic: Vietnam War

Goals and Objectives for Oscar Rose Junior College, FY 1977  (1976)

Address by Dr. Joe Leone, president of Oscar Rose Junior College on goals and objectives for the College in fiscal year 1977.

1 videocassette (60 min.)
(Location: Learning Resources Center/Library, Audiovisual Services)

Guy Logsdon Presents "Woody"  (1987)

Guy Logsdon talks about Woody Guthrie, reads from his works, and performs several of his songs.

1 videocassette (U-Matic) (55 min.)
(Location: Learning Resources Center/Library, Audiovisual Services)

Henderson, Lois Marie

Born: 1922; Mountain Home, Arkansas
Interviewed: October 7, 2003
Interviewer: Latrica Rochelle Martin
Topic: World War II

Jefferson, Harold

Born:  January 29, 1948, Michigan
Interviewed:  November 15, 2002
Interviewer:  Ruby Annette Robertson
Topic:  Vietnam War

Luper, Clara

Born: 1923; Okfuskee County, Oklahoma
Interviewed: October 9, 2003
Interviewer: Francis Hudson
Topic: Civil Rights Movement in Oklahoma City

Mackey, Ralph

Born: 1925; Checotah, Oklahoma
Interviewed: April 27, 2004
Interviewer: Anita Carter
Topic: World War II

McGee, Pearl Johnson 

Born:  1912
Interviewed:  February 23, 2003
Interviewer:  Lisa Marie McGee Everett (Granddaughter)
Topic:  Life in Oklahoma

McMichael, Eugene Jr.

Born: January 20, 1947; Schenectady, New York
Interviewed: April 19, 2004
Interviewer: Barbara A. Knight
Topic: Vietnam War

Midwest City Rotary Club

A collection of interviews from members of the Midwest City Rotary Club.

My Brother, Woody  (1991?)

Woody Guthrie's youngest sister (Mary Jo Guthrie) reminisces about him and gives excepts from letters he wrote her.

1 videocassette (U-Matic) (ca. 60 min.)
(Location: Learning Resources Center/Library, Audiovisual Services)

Myrick, John

Born: 1931; Milo, Oklahoma
Interviewed: November 11, 2003
Interviewer: Janelle Griffiths
Topic: Korean War

Nifong, Daniel B.

Born: October 30, 1924
Interviewed: October 23, 2003
Interviewer: Judith D. Blankenship
Topic: Korean War

Owsley, Lloyd R.

Born: Mid-1940s; Maryland
Interviewed: February 5, 2004
Interviewer: Robin F. M. Hannah
Topic: Vietnam War

Perry, Gary Lee

Born: ?
Interviewed: May 5, 2002
Interviewer: Carol Mikel Blochowiak
Topic: Vietnam War

A Political Discussion with Senator Henry Bellmon and Congressman Tom Steed  (1982)

Former Senator Henry Bellmon and Congressman Tome Steed discuss the best and worst presidents of their terms, President Reagan's "new federalism," likely candidates in the 1984 elections, U.S. policies in Central America and the Middle East and other subjects.

1 videocassette (28 min.)
(Location: Learning Resources Center/Library, Audiovisual Services)

Quinn, Fred and Jopie

Topic:  Midwest City History

Renfo, George Memphis 

Born:  September 26, 1924, Konawa, Seminole County, Oklahoma
Interviewed:  November 20, 2003
Interviewer:  Steven Casteel (Grandson)
Topic:  Growing up in Oklahoma, WWII and Korean War

Rogers, Will

Born: Schulter, Oklahoma
Interviewed: October 23, 2003
Interviewer: James Kriwanek
Topic: Korean War

Rose State College: its Beginning and the Myth of its Spontaneous Generation  (1990)

Dr. Dan Hobbs discusses national and state forces, which influenced the establishment and development of Rose State College.

1 videocassette (VHS)
(Location: Learning Resources Center/Library, Audiovisual Services)

Rosie the Riveter Collection

A collection of interviews from women who were called into action to work in America's defense factories during WWII. 

Rupp, Joy A. - Early History of Rose State by a Charter Employee

Joy Rupp discusses her early years at Oscar Rose Junior College when she began as the Chairman of the Business Division on June 1, 1970.

Sheehan, Joseph Elbert

Born:  ?
Interviewed: December 17, 2003
Interviewer: Christine Angela Wall
Topic: Operation Enduring Freedom

Smith, Mark A.

Born: 1948; Holdenville, Oklahoma
Interviewed: April 16, 2004
Interviewer: David D. Colbert
Topic: Vietnam War

Steed, Tom  (1982)

An interview by history instructor James Lazalier with retired Congressman Tom Steed.  The Congressman describes how he got into politics in 1948 and his 32-year career as a Representative.  He discusses, among other things, his toughest opponent in a race, his greatest accomplishments, including the superhighway bill, his leadership of the Subcommittee on Appropriations, and problems of low voter turnout and political pressure groups.

1 videocassette (21 min.)
(Location: Learning Resources Center/Library, Audiovisual Services)

Tom Steed Remembers - see links below

Former U.S. Congressman Tom Steed reminisces about his career in Congress from 1949 to the late 1970's.  He describes various political figures he knew and his own campaigns.

  1. Harry S. Truman
  2. Robert S. Kerr
  3. Carl Albert
  4. Lyndon B. Johnson
  5. Richard M. Nixon
  6. Sam Rayburn
  7. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  8. Tom Steed.
Thurman, Charles Vernon 

Born:  June 25, 1951, Okemah, Oklahoma
Interviewed:  December 8, 2002
Interviewer:  Amanda Dyan Thurman
Topic:  Vietnam War

8 videocassettes (U-Matic) (301 min.)
(Location: Learning Resources Center/Library, Audiovisual Services)

Williams, Myrtle L.

Born: March 6, 1921; Muskogee, Oklahoma
Interviewed: 2004
Interviewer:  ?
Topic: Great Depression, World War II, and Civil Rights Movement

Uncataloged videocassettes include:  Global Oklahoma; RSC History; and the RSC's 20th and 25th anniversaries.  These videocassettes are also located in the Learning Resources Center/Library, Audiovisual Services.