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Please refer to the LRC COVID-19 Response for a summary of LRC building access and services during the pandemic.

Academic Testing

Students must make an appointment to take a test in Academic Testing. Students who arrive without an appointment, will not be allowed to take a test. Read the Student Information section on this page thoroughly for details.

Academic Testing administers tests at the request of instructors for math and science courses, Internet and hybrid classes, make-up tests for campus courses, advanced standing tests and computer proficiency exams. Academic Testing does not give placement tests. Please contact Enrollment and Specialized Testing (EAST) if you would like to take a placement test.

Academic Testing also proctors tests originating from other institutions. The proctoring fee is $15 per test and requires special permission. For more information about our requirements or to make an appointment, please call.

The GED is only given at approved testing locations. For more information about the GED, please visit the State of Oklahoma GED webpage. The ACT, COMPASS, CLEP and DSST tests are given in Enrollment and Specialized Testing (EAST).

Student Information

To take a test, students must provide:

  • Student ID Card
  • Student ID Number
  • Instructor's Name
  • Course Name
  • Test Number

Students must make an appointment to take a test in Academic Testing. Students who arrive without an appointment, will not be allowed to take a test. Before making an Academic Testing appointment, students must register for a new account in the WCOnline Academic Testing scheduling system. Students will use their Raider email address to register. Through WCOnline, students may view available testing times and make an appointment up to five weeks in advance. If all of the testing times are full, students may put themselves on a waitlist and be automatically notified should an opening become available. Be sure to update your profile in WCOnline to include your notification preferences. If you need to cancel or edit an appointment, you may do so yourself through WCOnline.

Schedule Testing Appointment

If students are fifteen minutes late for a testing appointment without cancelling it themselves, the appointment may be cancelled by a staff member and marked as a no-show. After a second no-show, the student account will be disabled, and you will not be able to make new appointments. Students must speak with the Academic Testing supervisor to reactivate a disabled account. No-shows do not carry over to the next semester.

Students may arrive up to ten minutes early to allow for check-in time and potential of waiting in line. Please do not arrive earlier than ten minutes before your appointment to avoid overcrowding. Students must complete and submit tests during their designated appointment time without exception.

Exams may not be started within one hour of closing. All tests must be submitted fifteen minutes before closing regardless of how much time the instructor has allotted for test completion. Please arrive early enough to allow ample time to complete your test.

Students who have SAS accommodations requiring an individual testing room should call Academic Testing to schedule one of our available rooms.

Students who cannot come to campus to take a test due to COVID-19 may request remote proctoring through their professor who will coordinate with Academic Testing if acceptable. Remote proctoring is conducted via Zoom on a limited basis. Smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks are not supported. Remote proctoring will not occur without the instructor and the Academic Testing supervisor approval.

Children may not be left unattended in Academic Testing or elsewhere in the Learning Resources Center while their accompanying adult is testing. If an unforeseen circumstance occurs and you arrive to take a test with a child, we will do our best to make accommodations if we have an individual testing room available. Please call if you need to make arrangements or have questions.No cell phones; no smart watches

Cell phones, wearable smart devices, photo/copying devices, and other unapproved electronics are not permitted in testing rooms.

Food and drinks are not permitted in testing rooms.

Students found with unapproved testing materials or otherwise violating the Academic Testing conduct policy will be given a warning. Upon a second offense, the student will lose Academic Testing privileges for the remainder of the semester. If the second offense occurs in the last month of the semester, the student will also lose Academic Testing privileges for the following semester.

Faculty Information

In order for Academic Testing to provide a pleasant and secure testing experience, faculty members need to:

  • Include faculty name, course abbreviation, course number, time limit, and approved materials on each paper test.
  • Deliver sufficient copies of paper tests to Academic Testing prior to the testing date.
  • Provide a list of students including student ID numbers of those authorized to take the test.
  • Provide a completed Academic Testing Computer Test Instruction Sheet for each computer test. 

Please read the Student Information section on this page and advise students accordingly.

Exams will not be proctored remotely during finals week. Instructors who wish to schedule remote proctoring for a final exam, may do so before finals week.

Tests will not be given without a computer test instruction sheet or instructions included on the paper exam.

Please do not send tests to Academic Testing through interoffice mail. Besides being a potential test security issue, delays in mail delivery can cause students to panic when they show up to take a test before the test does. Please bring tests to Academic Testing and check them in personally.

Completed tests will not be returned through interoffice mail. Faculty members must either pick up their tests in person or authorize someone to pick them up. Authorization must be in writing. Authorization forms are available in Academic Testing.

During periods of high traffic, like finals week, lines can back up quickly, and Academic Testing staff may not be able to answer the phone. If it is imperative that you speak with a staff member about a time critical matter during these occasions, you may either visit the office in person or send a messenger to deliver your message.

Contact Info


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Phone: 405.736.0397

Location: LRC 240 (2nd floor)

Supervisor, Academic Testing

Sasha Brewer
Sasha Brewer
Office Phone: 405.733.7440
Office Location: LRC 240E