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Online Tutoring

Students may receive online tutoring assistance from our local tutors or through our partnership with

Local Tutors

Students may schedule online tutoring appointments with our local tutors through WCOnline. The tutoring sessions are conducted through WCOnline as well. Available hours are indicated in the WCOnline system. If you choose an online appointment with one of our tutors, log back in to WCOnline approximately five to ten minutes before the start of your appointment. Then, open the appointment and click the START OR JOIN ONLINE CONSULTATION link. For help with the basic functionality of online tutoring through the WCOnline platform, you may consult the excellent WCOnline Online Tutoring Manual put together by one of our tutors, Aaron Ashcraft.

Students may also receive online tutoring assistance through our partnership with Students may access tutors through the course navigation menu within each individual Canvas course. The online tutoring service runs 24/7 and offers tutoring in a wide scope of subjects. Students are allowed to use up to two hours per week. After their session, students may print the transcript for later review. Students have the opportunity to rate tutoring sessions, save favorite tutors and schedule advance appointments. provides real-time and drop-off writing assistance and offers resources such as study tools, lessons, test prep materials and instructional videos.

Preparing for a Session

Before your session, you should make a list of questions you wish to ask or concepts you would like to review. You may provide these on the pre-session page when you access from within your course in Canvas. You may also upload papers on the pre-session page to maximize your tutoring time. If you upload documents, it is important that you remove any identifying information (like your name) before uploading them. Learn more about

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