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Rose State College uses the Canvas learning management system for our online and on-campus courses. The learning management system enables students to engage in online classroom activities through a web browser or through the Canvas mobile device app.

Through Canvas, professors can make class materials available to students via the Internet. Students can communicate with classmates by sending email and posting class or group messages through online Discussions. Some instructors use the online testing capability within the platform to reduce or eliminate the need for paper tests. Some instructors use the online file submission capabilities so that students may submit assignments electronically without the need for printing them. In short, Canvas can provide convenient enhancements to many classroom activities.

Each student and faculty member has a Canvas account which is protected by a username and password so each user has access to the proper course materials and activities. Canvas tracks all user activity within the system. All courses at Rose State College have an associated Canvas course site whether they are considered online or not. Student clubs and organizations may use Canvas as well if they wish to have an online presence.

To access your Canvas account, you must login through the College Single-Sign-On (SSO) portal. For information about your login, see the Canvas and SSO Portal Login page.