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Student Support

Canvas Resources

Within the Canvas learning management system, students should have access to a Getting Started with Canvas for Students optional orientation course. Students are added manually periodically so if you do not have access to this orientation and would like to review it, submit an eLearn Support ticket and let us know. The Help link in the Canvas navigation menu contains several guides and resources including a Canvas Hotline number to call for Canvas technical support. Students are strongly encouraged to review the orientation and resources before starting their first course at Rose State College. Look for a message on your Canvas Dashboard about these materials!

Class Attendance

If you are enrolled in a fully online class, it is critical that you access the course in Canvas before the class begins and regularly afterwards. Since all courses will have corresponding Canvas instances, it would be helpful to access all courses in Canvas as soon as they are available and as often as recommended by the instructor of each class. Courses are available about one week before the start of the session. Each course will have a different activity level. As a general rule, students should access their course in Canvas every day or every other day to check for updates. Online course attendance is monitored and measured by timely completion of assignments and course activity. 

Accessing Your Courses

The courses in which you are enrolled should be listed in Canvas on the Dashboard or under the Courses menu item. To access a course, click its hyperlinked course title or course tile. Courses are developed and published manually by each instructor. If the course has not been published by the instructor, you will not be able to access the course. Please submit an eLearn Support ticket if you don't see a course and it is within a week of the session start date.

Computer Labs

The college maintains several computer labs on campus which students may use. Students can receive personal assistance with campus logins, general computer help, and help locating information. The computers in these labs provide access to Office 365 and other software appropriate to the division in which the lab is located. Students may print a reasonable number of pages in labs equipped with a printer. The College asks that students be as efficient as possible when they print to conserve resources. Please print only what you need.

Campus Wireless Network

To connect your personal device to the RSCGuest (for any user) wireless network, just select the network and connect. No password is required for the RSCGuest network. This network is not secure and you will browse at your own risk. Consider using a VPN for additional security.

To connect your personal device to either the RSCPublic (for students) or RSCPrivate (for faculty/staff) wireless network, please visit while connected to either RSCPublic or RSCPrivate. To add your device, you will need to be able to provide your device's MAC address. Again, consider using a VPN for additional security.

Need More Help?

Students seeking help with Canvas should first consult the resources available on this site or within Canvas. If you need further assistance, please submit an eLearn Support ticket.