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Access Services

The Access Services Department (aka Circulation) is the place to visit if you want to check out a book, use a textbook for a couple of hours, grab whiteboard supplies for your group study session, pick up that graphing calculator you rented, or borrow a charger for your Smartphone.

If you are faculty or staff, you can also borrow a laptop. 

Why, we even sell earbuds.

If you live in our service area, you can get a Community Member Courtesy Card and check out books.

For our students, faculty, and staff, we offer Interlibrary Loan services, so if you want a book or an article that we don't own, we'll try to get it for you from another library. Or, if you'd rather go get it yourself, we can help you gain access to other Oklahoma academic library collections through the OK-Share program.  

For the rules governing each of these services, click on the tabs above.

If you have any questions about Circulation services, please call the Circulation Desk at 405-733-7338 during our hours of service. Thanks!


Circulation Desk

Students, faculty and staff may borrow books at the Circulation Desk upon presentation of a valid Rose State College I.D. card. Members of the community may borrow books with a Courtesy Card which is available at the Circulation Desk. The Circulation Desk phone number is 405-733-7338 if you need to reach us during Library hours.

Circulating Book Collection

The books in our collection are organized by the Library of Congress Classification System. The Library of Congress classification number is considered the address of the book in the library and can be found on the spine of each book. Please ask someone at one of the Library service desks if you need assistance finding a book or have questions.

Circulation Period

Students may check out books for 21 days. Twelve books may be on loan to a student at any one time. If materials are not returned on time, a fine of 5¢ a day for each book is charged. A fine of $1 or more prohibits the check-out of further materials. Reference books, audiovisual materials and periodicals do not circulate.

Trying to remove an item from the building that has not been checked out will cause an alarm to ring and the turnstile gates to lock. If this happens, return to the Circulation Desk. Occasionally, books from other libraries or bookstores will also activate the security gates. In this event, the staff member will verify that everything is in order and assist you through the gates.

Reserve Materials

Faculty frequently put classroom materials on reserve in the LRC in order to make them available to everyone. Items are on reserve under the name of the professor. Some of this material is not listed in our OPAC because professors will put photocopies of articles, lecture notes, old tests and personal copies of books on reserve. The check-out time period is set by the professor and varies from item to item. Please return reserve material on time so that everyone may use it. 

Reserve Services

Books and articles placed on Reserve by professors are kept behind the Circulation Desk in the Reserve area. Most of these materials must be used in the LRC. A valid Rose State College photo ID is required to use reserve materials. The fine for overdue reserve material is 25¢ an hour.

Borrower Privileges

Borrower privileges begin when a student enrolls and is issued a picture identification card. The privileges end on the last day of the last semester in which a student is enrolled, or on the date a student withdraws from college.

Borrower Categories

Regular students - A valid Rose State College Student ID card serves as the library privilege card for all part-time and full-time students.

Special students - Special student borrower cards may be issued to those participating in Senior Citizen, Community Service, Management Training Center and other nontraditional programs sponsored by the College. Verification by the on-campus sponsor will be required before a card can be issued.

Student employees - In instances where employees are also Rose State College students, part-time employees will use their Rose State College Student ID card and full-time employees will use their Rose State College Staff ID card.

Borrower Responsibility

The student or other patron is responsible for all material charged to his/her Learning Resources Center/Library borrower's card. A student or other patron who keeps materials beyond the check-out period of 21 days is subject to fines and to suspension of his/her borrower privileges:

  • Overdue notices: Two overdue notices will be sent. When the second overdue notice is mailed, borrowing privileges are automatically blocked and, if the borrower is a student, a hold is placed on his/her academic records.
  • Phone notices: Patrons with overdue materials may be contacted by phone if there is a large number of books involved or if there appears to be some misunderstanding about policy.
  • Responsibility for "holds" on records: The borrower will be responsible for clearing holds which have been placed on his/her records. Holds will be cleared when all overdue books have been returned.
  • Return of overdue materials: Overdue materials may be returned at any time and records cleared when the borrower pays his/her fines. However, materials kept out for more than one year that are damaged, already replaced, or obsolete may not be accepted. In these instances, the Director of the Learning Resources Center/Library, or the Librarian on duty may, at his/her discretion, charge the student or other patron the full value of the book plus a $10 fee. If full value is charged, the student or other patron may keep the book.
  • Payment for lost material: When a student or other patron pays for a lost book or one that has been kept out for more than one year, a "de-processing" fee of $10 will be added to the cost of the book. If a lost book which has been paid for is found and returned, the library will retain the de-processing fee even though the price of the book may be refunded. No fines, however, will be charged.

A/V Equipment

The Library has a wide variety of equipment that instructors may use in the classroom. Call the Circulation Desk at 405-733-7338  or ext. 7338 to arrange for needed equipment.

Guidelines for Equipment Checkout
  • We cannot guarantee availability of equipment without advance notice of need.
  • Equipment must not be taken from the campus unless authorized at the time of checkout.
  • Equipment is subject to recall after a reasonable length of time.

Instructors should not loan equipment to another instructor without notifying Audiovisual Services.
Students and part time staff cannot check out equipment. Instructors must check out equipment for students when it is needed for class projects, demonstrations, etc.
Equipment checks out for a one-week period and must be brought back when due or renewed through the Circulation Desk.

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