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Phone Chargers

You may check out a charger for your iPhone or Android phone at the Circulation Desk. If you need a wall plug-in adapter, you may check out one of these as well. Just as with textbooks, you must have your current RSC ID with you, plus a driver's license or other form of ID. We will keep these at the Circulation Desk until the charger has been returned. Chargers can be checked out for two hours at a time, and MUST remain in the Library. If you leave the Library with one of our chargers, your loan privilege for chargers will be revoked.

Whiteboard Supplies

Each of our study rooms have a whiteboard available for your use. Whiteboard supplies may be checked out at the Circulation Desk.

Each bag contains a red, blue, green and black dry-erase marker and an eraser. If any of these markers are dried out, please bring the marker to the Circulation Desk and we will replace it with a new one.

The initial checkout is for two hours and we will need your study room number for checkout. You must have your current RSC ID with you for checkout; we will keep it at the Circulation Desk until you have returned the bag of supplies.

Web Cam & Microphone

If you need to create a project for class that requires the use of a microphone and webcam, you may check out either one or both of these at the Circulation Desk. 

This equipment must remain in the library, and is for use in a study room. 

You MUST have your current RSC ID with you at checkout; we will keep your ID at Circulation until you return the equipment. 

Laptops (Faculty & Staff Only)

Laptops are available for checkout to RSC faculty and staff only.

Please call ahead (733-7338) to check availability.

If you need it for the semester, you may be asked to exchange it periodically so important updates can be installed.

Earbuds for Sale

You can purchase a pair of earbuds for $1 at the Circulation Desk (cash only).

We do not make change for anything larger than a $10 bill.

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